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Post by B de Palma on Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:15 pm

My favorite sport is a dance. I do character dance is the dance of the eastern countries. I dance once a week and from February I learned a chorégraphie and June I dance in front of all the parents of the dance school. Each year it gives us a theme over and we sell costumes that coresspond with the theme. This year the theme is about sailors.

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Characters dance  Empty Re: Characters dance

Post by Mme Bessin on Tue May 10, 2016 11:39 am


I LOVE to dance, it is one of my passions as well. I participate in musicals and dance my heart out every time. In the opening number each ensemble cast member got to create their own entrance, and let's just say I got creative. I interacted with my sister in our opening routine.
I’ve been dancing since I was 6, and in Middle school I participated in our school talent show. I created a dance routine with 2 of my friends. In 8th grade, we got 1st place for the group award.
What type of dances do you practice? I personally love Hip Hop, but I do miss ballet and tap, I was in those classes when I was younger. I haven’t been going to professional classes in a few years, but I plan on continuing lessons next year.


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